ISO 9001/2015

Quality system in place to insure process is consistent and reliable as well as traceability from raw material to the customer’s end product. Melt flow on incoming materials and continuous process improvement programs.

Wide Range of Machines

Small tonnage (75 ton ) to Large tonnage (2000 ton) state of the art presses with a good cross section machine/shot size offerings for all markets and industries. Having 28 machines – horizontal and vertical located in our 60,000 sq ft molding area allows PMD to handle small or large jobs.


Diverse in processing a multitude of materials from commodity resins to engineering grade resins, and colors. We have molded hundreds of resins, chances we have molded your materials!

Silo/Rail Siding

Makes volume purchasing a possibility, which offers our customers the economics of volume purchases, reduced lead times, delivery and consistency in processing.

Project Management

In house and 3rd party design capabilities, design review and advanced quality planning to ensure your product launches on the right track. We continuously monitor your process for improvements in quality and economics.

Value Added Services

that puts PMD in a league of their own, such as assembly of multi component assemblies, special packaging, hot stamping, and ultra sonic welding to name a few. We offer a 70,000 sq ft warehousing and work closely with a third party warehouse /fulfillment center.

In-house Tool Room

Capabilities to build tooling and make those minor repairs quickly to keep down time to a minimum.
Service Experience- At PMD we service a wide variety of industries – Such as agriculture, automotive, construction, consumer products, electronic and transportation which in turn allows us the experience to assist all customers in meeting their plastic objectives.

Mold Transfer

We make it easy for you to transfer your tools to us. After an initial assessment with both our teams, we will form a partnership to ensure the transfer will go smoothly and seamless. We have numerous jobs that have been transferred in and have been producing products for years.